What's Your Statement

Hello, I am Sherry L Reed on a mission to live beyond my past and inspire others to do the same.

As a single mother since the age of 14, I was just tired. Tired of struggling. Tired of trying to figure things out on my own. Just tired. I’ve worked 2 or 3 jobs most of my adult life just to try and survive and still just never seemed to get it together. 

Being a loner made it difficult to really make friends (I have trust issues) People who I thought were my friends weren’t (I’m sure we have all been there) Life hasn't been the easiest (due to some of my bad choices) But despite everything, I strive to never give up. 

My passion is helping people and just seeing others succeed. That’s how what’s your statement really got started. I was helping everyone else achieve their dreams and yet here I was broke busted and disgusted.  

I was constantly giving to others and helping them with whatever they needed as much as I could. Never taking into consideration my needs. One day I was like What you NOT finna do is…. (keep using me) lol. That was one of my first shirt ideas.  

Being creative has always been kind of a blessing and a curse. I have all these great ideas but was not executing them. So one day I said I gotta figure out a way to help others as well as pay my bills. Giving is my love language. When I think about all the money I have shelled out (whewww chile)  

I stressed but I didn’t stress because I always knew God had my back. Even when I put myself in some messed-up situations I always knew he had me covered. (that’s that unconditional kind of love we all dream of)

With what’s your statement I use it to declare statements that I may not always want to say out loud. I honestly just realized how dope of a Black woman I am about a year ago and that’s how DOPE BLACK WOMAN design came about. For so long I doubted who I was. I felt that I was just a damaged soul destined to just be friend-less and unhappy for the rest of my life. I had to mentally get myself in check. (Noone was going to do it for me) Now I wear that design almost every day. I get some responses and some stares but I wear it BOLDLY & PROUDLY! 

What’s your statement was created to not just be an outlet for me mentally but to also be a building block for others. Once I get it truly Poppin and am able to acquire a space I will be teaching classes, holding seminars so other people like me (those tired folks) will be able to learn how to build generational wealth. Get people in that can really show us how to build and attain wealth for our families. F$%K depending on others. I want my kids to be able to write their own paychecks and I want my community to be able to do the same.

With Love, Sherry Reed

You can find me on instagram  @iamsherrylreed_